Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Main Menu The main menu screen matches the cover of the music CD, but also contains various animations. The project--an enhanced CD for the "Everyone's Beautiful" music CD, Waterdeep's first nationwide major release--was developed over an intense 3-week period using Macromedia Dreamweaver 2.0. My responsibilities included HTML, layout, graphics editing, animation, video compression, and testing.

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  Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Main Menu The heads "talk" when pointed to, providing information about the selected option. All lettering was composed from hand-drawn letters, for consistency with the CD package design.
  Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Everyone's Little Movie One of the highlights of "Everyone's Little Enhanced CD" is the Everyone's Little Movie, a video montage combining studio, concert, and fan interview footage. The projector reels spin as the movie plays on the screen in RealVideo.
  Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Band Interviews The Band Interviews section contains an interview with each band member, as well as lots of hidden "easter eggs" for the user to find and enjoy.
  Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Band Biographies Each band member is highlighted in the Band Biographies section, along with audio clips explaining the history and song behind the name of the band.   Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Song Explanations In Song Explanations, each band member explains the meaning behind one of their favorite songs from the CD.   Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Couch Talk Couch Talk provides fans with glimpses into the everyday lives of the band, including ten video clips of the band informally discussing life on the road, in the studio, and as friends.   Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Biography The Band Biography section links to a list of a few facts about each band member.   Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Band Bio The Band Bio page details the history of the band, from the foundations to their underground success to their major label debut.   Waterdeep eCD, 1999 -- Help and Credits Help and Credits provides an easy link to the "Readme" file on the CD, as well as a list of credits.  
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Last update: 21 November 99